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Product Description Bioshield has been a trusted and reliable brand that is preferred by the doctors, dentists, nurses, medical and laboratory personnel, and caregivers, amongst others, since 1988.

Its consistent quality assures you of the protection that you depend on to accomplish your profession with peace of mind. A quality that is unrivaled in tear-resistance, elasticity, comfort and tactile sensitivity.

Bioshield understands and shares your aspiration to excel. If is for this reason that we work as diligently and unceasingly as you do, in our efforts to improve, develop and supply you with gloves that you can rest you confidence in.
Product Category Medical Gloves
Product Specification Our powdered and powder free latex disposable gloves are of the highest and greenest quality, all conforming to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ASTM D3578-01 specifications. They are made of 100% latex that is highly resistant and durable. They are strong, elastic, slip resistant and easy to wear; fitting comfortably like a second skin. We provide gloves to meet every requirement: - Extra Small to Extra Large Size - Powdered & Powder-Free - Low Protein contents - Colored & Natural Color

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