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Product Description Handier takes pride of place in every home. This trusted name protects everyone, not only from disease-causing viruses, but also protects your hands from everyday dirt, stains and smells that can be so easily contracted whilst tinkering with your car, dying your hair, gardening or preparing food.

Washing and wiping your hands frequently can only accomplish so much in terms of eliminating viruses, smells and stains. Furthermore excessive hand washing will result in hands that are course and harsh.

Handier not only protects while maintaining the manual dexterity of yours hands to maneuver intricate skilful tasks, it ultimately shields one of the most priceless things in life - beautiful supple hands that belies your age!
Product Category Gloves
Product Specification Our powdered and powder free latex disposable gloves are of the highest and greenest quality, all conforming to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ASTM D3578-01 specifications. They are made of 100% latex that is highly resistant and durable. They are strong, elastic, slip resistant and easy to wear; fitting comfortably like a second skin. We provide gloves to meet every requirement: - Extra Small to Extra Large Size - Smooth and Textured Surface - Powdered & Powder-Free - Low Protein contents

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