联系人 : Mr. Teh Hun Siang / Mr. Badar Basir
指定 : Managing Director / Department Manager
电子邮件 :
办公地址 : No.5, Jalan TP2,
Taman Perindustrian Sime UEP,
47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
电话号码 : 603 8026 3333
传真号码 : 603 8026 3366
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工厂 : -
产品描述 : Supplier of Rubber and Latex chemicals

Latex Concentrate and SMR Factories:
Preservatives, Stabilisers, Coagulant Agent, Bleaching Agent, Demoulding Agent, PRI Control, SMR Lubricant, SMR Additive, Processing Oil, Coupling Agent, Curing Agent, Co-Agent, Flame Retardant and other Chemicals.

Latex Chemicals:
Accelerator(All Types), Antioxidant Phenolic Type, Antitack, Antifoaming, Coagulum Agent, Latex Concentrate, Lubricating Agent, Micro-Crystalline Wax, Modified Starch, Peptizers, Preservative, Stabiliser, Waste Treatment.

Synthetic Latex:

Rubber Chemicals:
Accelerator(All Types), Activator, Antioxidant, Antiozonant, Antioxone Wax, Antitack, Blowing Agent, Filler-Carbon Black, Filler-Silica, Dispersing Agent, Hardener, Homogenizing & Tackifying, Insoluble Sulphur, Luubricants, Mandrel Release, Metal Oxide Preparation, Mould Cleaning, Mould Release, Peptizers,Plasticiserss, Processing Additives, Reinforcing resin, Soluble Sulphur, Tackifier, Vulcanising Agents.