联系人 : Mr Simon Koh
指定 : Director
电子邮件 :
办公地址 : 23, Jalan PJU 1A/14,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
电话号码 : 603 7875 8578 /7845 3005 /7845 8195
传真号码 : 603 7847 5739 /7876 1558
工厂 : -
产品描述 : 1.Compounding Ingredients Ltd,UK
Rubber-to-Metal Bonding Agents(CILBOND),Single Component Heat-Pour-Cure P.U Elastomer(MONOTHANE),Two Components(TDI based systems)-hot cure(DUOTHANE),Two part cold curing Silicone and Urethane mould making materials(POR A MOLD),In -mould Coating and Pigmen dispersions for Polyurethane(CILCOAT),Two part cold curing,gap filling,coating and encapsulating products(CILCAST),Polymeric tyre filling material for flat-free off the road tyres(TYRFIL)

2.Scott Bader Company,UK
Unsaturated Polyster Resins, Gelcoats, Pigment Pastes,Ancillary items for the glassfibre reinforced plastic/composite industry(CRYSTIC)

3). The Dexter Corporation
Mould Release agents (Proprietary resins,Silicone,Non-silicone & water based types) for rubber, plastic, composite,electronic and other moulding industries,Mould Cleaners(FREKOTE)
Two-part room temperature curing adhesive of high performance for use on most plastics, metal, glass, ceramic, wood etc.(HYSOL'EPOXY).

4).Other Products
Antioxonants,P.E.Waxes,Mould Protective, Scale & Rust Removers, Specialised Lubricants,Solvents & Degreasers,Sealants,Encapsulants,Flow,Crack detectors,Freezers,Absorbents for spilled oil & chemicals