联系人 : Dr Chan Kah Khiong
指定 : Director
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办公地址 : 10 & 12, Jalan TSB 4,
Taman Industri Sungai Buloh,
47000 Sungai Buloh,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
电话号码 : 603 6157 8288
传真号码 : 603 6156 9053
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产品描述 : 1.Process Chemicals from Cleaning Stage up to Slurry Dipping:

-Cleaning Agent: Alkaline Former Cleaner(NRL),Acidic Former Cleaner.
Cougulant Bath: Special Wetting Agent(CBW-14),Special Cougulant Aid Suspending Agent(SLA 103).
-Latex Bath: Anti Foaming/Webbing with Silicone Free(Bev 581B) Stabiliser to give Mechanical and Chemical Stability(Lx Stabiliser),Combination with Lx Stabiliser for latex stability(STAB COMB).
-Leaching Bath: Blended Surfactants, Penetrating Agents to enhance better leaching especially on extractable protein(SLC).
-Slurry Bath: Preservative and Ant-Bacterial Agent for Starch (BIOGARD), Special Slurry Aid Suspending Agent(SLA 101)Corn-Starch Reducing Agent (STAC RED).
Special Polymer coating after vulcanization and post-leach process(SSA-PVP).

2.Speciality Chemicals for Latex Compounding:

-Special Additive to be added to the latex to gives softness to the gloves, to prolong the yellowing of the gloves,to maintain tensile and the modulus of the gloves(LAXANE)Anti-tacking Agent to reduce the tack of the latex(LX-AT).

3).Blended Chemicals for Chlorination and Neutralization process:

-Chlorination: Providing the surface tension reduction,lubrication and wetting required for instant penetration of hypochloride solution to the inner surfaceof the gloves(CLS-SP3).

-Neutralization: Chlorine eliminator to ring the spent chlorinated solution to zero active and to stop any residue chlorine from degrading the gloves(N3).

4).Special Polyurethane Coating for premium gloves quality:

-On line polymer caoting-inner surface(SSA/2RM).
-Offline polymer caoting-outer surface(OFPC).