The MRC Marketplace is an initiative by the Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC) to link buyers and sellers of rubber products. Buyers can list their rubber product requirements online, while Malaysian rubber product manufacturers and exporters can offer their range of quality rubber products to buyers worldwide.
  •   Buyers can locate quality rubber products and make contact with reliable suppliers online.
  •   Updated and reliable contact details of rubber product suppliers.
  •   Suppliers can display their product catalogues online for free.
The MRC Marketplace search is designed to be simple to use and to offer the buyer a range of results for each search. Buyers can look for specific rubber products by either browsing using the Category function or search by using key words. Buyers may also access the products they want using shortcuts such as Featured Products, Top Products Searches or New Catalogues.
Buyers' Postings is an facility where buyers can enquire about rubber products that they want. The request will be published in MRC Marketplace and also sent to selected buyers who can supply the product.
Posting an enquiry on the MRC Marketplace will facilitate access to reliable suppliers. MRC will channel the enquiry to reliable and relevant suppliers who will respond directly to potential buyers.
Enquiries may be posted via the "Post New Enquiry" button in the homepage of MRC Marketplace. You will be directed to the Post New Enquiry page. You need to fill in all the required information to submit your enquiry.