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Thermoplastic Products
Product Description Kumpulan Jebco’s capabilities in thermoplastics (TPE) include:
* Designing moulds using CAD/CAM software
* Simulating mould flow using computer software
* Tooling (or mould) fabrication
* TPE material design and evaluation
* Testing of TPE mechanical properties using finite-element analysis software
* Actual moulding of the TPE components using state-of-the-art injection blow moulding machines.

We produce high performance constant velocity joint (CVJ) Boots and Bellows made of TPE. These products minimize noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in vehicle steering and drive systems, giving end users a more comfortable drive.
Product Category Moulded Rubber Parts
Product Specification Jebco’s thermoplastic products: * Weigh less (when compared to rubber) * Are cost effective * Reduce primary and secondary noise * Inhibit vibration * Enable flexible movement at connecting joints

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