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Railway Products
Product Description Kumpulan Jebco produces an immense number of anti-vibration components for use in railway train suspensions and railway tracks. The components are for both the primary and secondary suspension of trains.

Bogie & Suspension Components

These components include elastic bushes, rubber springs, spherical bearings, axle box bushes, suspensions springs and anti-roll bar systems. The component designs provide for a reliable and safe ride for passengers.


Our natural rubber components offer elasticity for rail carriage connections and provide sealing for doors and windows. The product designs meet specific requirements for every application.

Rail Track Padding

Our rail track pads retain low stiffness, high resilience (ability to bounce) and low damping properties. These properties enable the pads to absorb high frequency vibration. The rail pads also act as electrical insulators and are exceptionally cost effective.

Product Category Railway
Product Specification Jebco's range of railway products includes: * Rail Pads * Rubber Springs * Bearings * Bush bonded sub-assemblies * Flexible mountings * Bonded ball joint sub-assemblies

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