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Biomax Latex ME Gloves (Lightly Powdered & Pow
Product Description The latex ME glove is made from natural rubber/ latex. These glove
is suitable for use in the medical examination and procedures,
diagnostic procedures by dentist, laboratory practices and food
handling practices.
The main characteristics of the latex examination gloves are as
* Soft, comfort, fit and less fatigue;
* Firmer grip in dry and wet conditions;
* Good tactility;
* Durability;
* Good barrier protection against virus penetration;
* Made from renewable source of raw material (Natural rubber), thus
making them more environmentally-friendly as they are biodegradable
easily; and
* Low level of extractable protein, chemical residuals and/ or antigenic protein
Product Category Medical Gloves
Product Specification Length (mm) : 240 min Tensile Strength (Mpa): Min 18 Elongation at Break (%): Min 650

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