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Texstrip Esmark Bandage
Product Description Texstrip's esmark surgical band is made of high quality synthetic material that provides strong compression to effectively stop excessive blood loss. It can also be used to control and exclude blood flow to limb prior to surgery (eg. orthopedic bloodless surgery or during joint replacement procedures). Its smooth surface provides natural feel to patients and is less abrasive in application. It is coated with light talc to ease handling and application.

Product Characteristics
- Latex free
- Non-sterile
- Even compression
- Smooth finish
- Natural feel
- Available in Blue, White or Straw
Product Category Others
Product Specification Thickness = 0.30mm / 0.38mm ± 10%; Width = 76.2mm / 101.6mm / 152.4mm ± 3.2mm; Length = 2.74m / 3.66m ± 0.08m; Modulus at 100% = 8.5 ± 1.5 kgf/cm2; Modulus at 300% = 18 ± 3 kgf/cm2; Tensile Strength = >150 kgf/cm2; Elongation at break = >650%; Straining Resistant = Good

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