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Marlin Swim Fins (SF158)
Product Description Quality rubber swim fins delivered on time at
competitive price. 9 sizes available.

Marlin swim fins are ideal for swimming in
the pool or snorkeling in the open sea
Product Category Swim Fins
Product Specification There are 9 sizes available US Size 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-9, 9-11, 11-13, 13-15 as well as Jr 8-11 and Jr 11-13. - The foot pocket is made of soft comfortable rubber and designed for comfort. - The tab at the heel makes it easy for the user to put on and take off the fins. - The blade is designed for optimum flexibility and effectiveness. - The logo is interchangeable so you can have your customized logo moulded onto the fins - We can produce swim fins based on your customized color specification More information below:- - Ergonomic design of foot pocket Forms to your feet for maximum comfort. It is designed to decrease friction within the foot pocket, preventing any chance of blisters - Slip resistant, non-marking sole provides superior traction - Comfortable soft rubber material Allows your foot to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue - Specially designed heel tabs Allow easy fitting and removing of fins in the water - Long, flexible fin blade Engineered to convert light kick into maximum thrust - Extended side ribs Give maximum efficiency by converting the power of your kick into forward thrust. It also gives control over direction of strokes and prevents fishtailing from side to side - Centre rib at the bottom of the fin Reinforces the shape of the fin to take the strain off toes to improve comfort

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