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NOVAX Rubber Insulating Gloves
Product Description The NOVAX rubber insulating gloves are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used in
carrying out works with energized parts and are mainly used by lineman involved in the
maintenance of power supply lines. They form the first line of defense against
electrocutions in the utilities, telecommunication and transportation industries
particularly electric powered trains, hybrid automobiles and Formula 1 racing circuits
since the introduction of KERS system.

The skills and experience in latex dipping process acquired over more than 30 years
resulted in the development of NOVAX rubber insulating gloves.

NOVAX rubber insulating gloves incorporate dielectric properties and physical
strength along with flexibility and durability. Every batch of gloves are subjected to a
battery of physical and electrical test prior to shipment.
Product Category Gloves
Product Specification NOVAX gloves are available in 6 Classes which provides dielectric protection ranging from 500V to 36,000V. Our gloves meet and even surpasses the requirements of both the EN/IEC 60903 and ASTM D120 standard which are internationally recognized. For further information, please contact us at

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