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SBIM21 - Participation in International Standards Meetings

  • A fund amount of RM100,000 per year to assist selected delegates to represent Malaysia at international standards meetings relating to cessable rubber products.

  • The claimable expenses are as follows:
    • 50% of an economy class air ticket from Kuala Lumpur to the meeting destinations (excluding excess baggage and insurance charges)
    • 50% of accommodation cost subject to a maximum of RM500 per night for the duration of the meeting.

  • Malaysia's delegates in international standard meetings will be coordinated by the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB).

1. Does MRC provide incentives to exporters only?

The objective of the incentives is to encourage and assist both rubber product manufacturers and traders, who are exporting and contributing to the rubber product export cess, in undertaking capacity building, business growth and promotional activities for the development of export market.

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2. Can a company participate in tradeshows organised by MATRADE and claim MRC incentives? incentives for the same activity?

No. Companies participating in tradeshows organised by MATRADE are not eligible to claim MRC incentives

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3. Can a company apply for both MRC and Matrade's incentives for the same activity?

No. A company may claim only from one agency. Submitting a double claim is a serious offence and by doing so companies risk being blacklisted from MRC incentives.

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4. "We are a Malaysian registered company that manufactures rubber products. Our company is 100% owned by Japanese. Are we eligible to claim for the incentives?"

A company is eligible to apply for MRC incentives if it meets the following criteria:

  • Malaysian registered companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965;
  • Manufacturers and/or traders/exporters of rubber products contributing to rubber product export cess.

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5. How long will it take for the incentive application to be approved?

Approval of the application will take approximately three weeks, provided all documents are in order. Incomplete documents will not be processed, hence it is the onus of companies to ensure all required documents are submitted accordingly within the stipulated deadline (not later than two (2) months after the completion of the event/activity).

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6. When should a company send in their pre-approval form?

Pre-approval form should be submitted to MRC for written approval not later than 1 month prior the event / activity.

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7. What are the documents required for claims application?

  • Original invoices and receipts
  • Original bank statements/credit card statements/telegraphic transfers
  • Other incentive specific documents as per listed in the respective checklists

Duplicate copies are accepted if these documents are certified by external auditor, commissioner of oath, chartered accountants and computer-generated receipts MUST BE endorsed and certified by the company that issued the receipts.

For SBIM1 & SBIM2 applications, boarding pass and colour photographs of booth (with clear booth no, company name & employee managing the booth) is a must.

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8. What is the exchange rate used for the purposes of making claims?

MRC uses the official exchange rate published by Accountant's General Department for the month of the trade exhibition, irrespective of date of payment or claim.

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9. What is the requirement for rubber glove exporters to apply for MRC incentives?

Gloves exporters are required to possess a valid Glove Export Licence issued under the same company name applying for MRC incentives during the activity period. Timely submission of export data through Glove Registration Exercise (GRE) online is also a requirement for glove exporters to be eligible for MRC Incentives.

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10. Can a company display non rubber products together with the range of their rubber products during exhibition?

No.All products displayed during trade exhibitions must be cessable rubber products.

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11. What is pre-determined grant by region?

It refers to a fixed amount allocated for companies based on the destination of the international trade exhibition as follows:

Region Grant Amount
North America / Latin America / Canada RM25,000
Europe / Middle East / Central Asia RM25,000
Africa RM18,000
Asia / Oceania RM15,000
South East Asia (ASEAN) RM12,000

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12. Is there a limit for number of claims under the SBIM1 (Incentive for Participation in MRC-coordinated international trade exhibitions)?

No. Companies are eligible to apply for SBIM1 incentive for all MRC-coordinated international trade exhibitions.

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13. Under the SBIM2 incentives, what is the total amount claimable per year?

Under SBIM2 incentives, companies are eligible to claim for a maximum of RM100, 000, limited to 8 exhibitions per year.

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14. Can a company choose to participate in 8 trade shows in any one specific region?

Yes provided the claims do not exceed RM100,000.
i.e: A company can participate in 8 trade exhibitions in the South East Asia region and the total amount claimable will be RM96k (RM12k per exhibition). However, if a company chose to participate in the regions of North America/Latin America & Canada, they are eligible to claim only for 4 trade exhibitions and the total amount claimable will beRM100k (RM25k per exhibition)

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15. If a company has claimed up to RM98k, what happens to the balance 2k (as the maximum amount claimable under SBIM2 is RM100,000)?

The balance amount will be paid for the next claim (provided the number of applications does not exceed 8)

Trade Show Region Pre-Determined Grant Amount Claimable Balance Amount Claimable
Trade Show A Americas RM25,000 RM25,000 RM75,000
Trade Show B Asia RM15,000 RM15,000 RM60,000
Trade Show C Europe RM20,000 RM20,000 RM40,000
Trade Show D Africa RM18,000 RM18,000 RM22,000
Trade Show E Europe RM20,000 RM20,000 RM2,000
Trade Show F Asean RM12,000 RM2,000 RM0
Total Claim RM100,000  

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16."Our company will be participating in an international trade exhibition on our own. The payment to the fair organizer will be remitted by our marketing subsidiary in Singapore. Are we eligible to claim for international trade exhibition participation?"

Companies participating in international trade exhibitions on their own may claim under SBIM2 incentive package provided that fascia board, name listed in the exhibition directory and, original invoices and receipts are issued to the Malaysian registered company. If the invoice was addressed to the subsidiary company, it has to be re-invoiced to the Malaysian company. Proof of payment made by the Malaysian company is a must in order to be eligible for the claim.

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17. Can companies engage in meetings with clients outside the fair-ground while participating in MRC-led trade exhibitions?

Companies are encouraged to conduct business meetings at their booth during the trade exhibitions.

If this option is not feasible, the company has to ensure at least one representative is around to man the booth at all time.

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18. What is ISO Guide 65?

ISO Guide 65 specifies the general requirements for third-party operating a product certification system. The following are description of third-party certification systems:

  • System No. 1 - Type testing
  • System No. 2 - Type testing followed by subsequent surveillance through audit testing of samples purchased on the open market
  • System No. 3 - Type testing followed by subsequent surveillance through audit testing of factory samples
  • System No. 4 - Type testing followed by subsequent surveillance through audit testing of samples from both the open market and the factory
  • System No. 5 - Type testing and assessment of factory quality control and its acceptance followed by surveillance that takes into account the audit of factory quality control and the testing of samples from the factory and the open market
  • System No. 6 - Batch testing
  • System No. 7 - 100% testing

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19. Does the certification body have to be accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65 only?

To assist the rubber manufacturers in obtaining certification based on their product specifications and/or international market requirements, a Malaysian rubber manufacturer can apply through a certification body which is accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65 or any bona fide body authorized for product certification mandatory to the export market.

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20. What is product certification?

Product certification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed:

  • performance and quality assurance tests; or
  • qualification requirements stipulated in regulations and nationally accredited test standards; or
  • that it complies with a set of regulations governing quality and minimum performance requirements.

The attainment of product certification attests that the product meets quality requirements of the specified standard or specification. It provides the consumer an assurance of performance, safety and reliability. It also demonstrates that the manufacturer has an effective system for managing its production processes. Attaining product certification is voluntary for most products. However, government regulatory authorities may require mandatory certification for certain products.

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21. Does MRC covers ALL expenses leading to rubber product certification under SBIM4 (Incentive for Attainment of Internationally Recognised Product Certification)?

MRC covers only the expenses of the FINAL test that passed and fulfilled the requirements for certification only. Test results which failed to meet the requirements for certification are not claimable.

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22. Is government mandatory product certification requirement claimable under SBIM4?

Government mandatory product certification requirement for market entry such as CE Mark and CCC Mark may be considered under SBIM4 incentive.

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23. What is ISO17025 accreditation? If our company's lab will be audited and assessed by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), are we eligible to claim under SBIM7 (Incentive for Accreditation of Laboratories)?

ISO 17025 is an International Standard (published by the International Organization for Standardization) that specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations in laboratories. It contains 15 management requirements and 10 technical requirements which outline what a laboratory must do to become accredited.

A company may secure the services from any body that assesses and accredits laboratories in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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24. Are mandatory taxes claimable under MRC incentives?

Value-added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST) are claimable only for accommodation.

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25. What does it mean by "...accommodation cost, subject to a maximum of RM500 per night..."?

Companies participating in MRC-organised marketing missions/specialised missions/working visits may claim for accommodation cost, up to a maximum of RM500 per night for one person for the duration of the activity plus one night before and one night after.

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26. Under SBIM11 (Management System Certification), will MRC cover the consultation, training and audit cost upon attainment of the certification?

MRC will only cover the audit cost upon successfully attaining the certification excluding the consultation and training cost.

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